Single Origin

Whole Beans - El Salvador


La Esperanza is an estate in the western region of El Salvador where coffee is gently grown in the shade, tucked under centuries old trees.

The farm spans over the border of El Boqueron National Park, a main feature of San Salvador's volcano crater, with sweeping views of the mystic Zapotitan Valley down below.

Due to it's close proximity to a national park, the farm is enclave for local wildlife, such as deer and wild cats, as well as migratory bird species.

Medium roast to bring out the sweet, nutty flavour.

La Esperanza, El Salvador

Under the shade of the centuries old Mezcal and Pepeto trees, in the crater of the San Salvador volcano on the border of El Boqueron National Park, lies the rich and rugged landscape home of La Esperanza Estate, where our Single Origin beans are harvested.

Here, more than 6 generations of farmers have dedicated their lives to the preservation of their land, and each year the community gather to harvest the crop. They nurture and protect the habitat that creates the unique and distinctive flavour that separates this Single Origin from the crowd.

Altitude: 1200m — 1600m
Process: Washed, wet mill
Varietals: Bourbon