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Ground Coffee - Discovery Box


Our Ground Coffee Discovery Box for filter/cafetiere comes to you with a wonderful range of single origin, a speciality blend and our award-winning signature blend – Classico.

Our Classico blend is the same rich, smooth and full bodied blend we serve in every Caffe Nero today. A medium roast (strength 7), you can enjoy notes of dark chocolate and caramel with a sweet, balanced flavour. Our decaffeinated option is 100% chemical free.

Our Winter blend, also a medium roast (strength 6) has brilliant notes of sweet orange, caramelised almonds and chocolate. It’s a triumphant favourite.

And for a bright and juicy option exceptional in character, our medium roast (strength 6) Guatemala single origin coffee hits all the marks offering notes of cherry and chocolate.

Packaged in a protective atmosphere.

  • 1 x Winter Blend for filter/cafetiere
  • 1 x Classico Ground for filter
  • 1 x Classico Decaf for filter/cafetiere
  • 1 x Guatemala ground for filter/cafetiere