Single Origin

Coffee Capsules - Brazil

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Limited edition single origin coffee exclusively from our farmers in Brazil.

Medium roast to bring out the caramel and chocolate notes.

Packaged in a protective atmosphere. Our capsules are 100% aluminium and are fully recyclable.

Nespresso® Compatible
Compatible with your Nespresso® machine, designed for use in machines which use ‘original’ capsules, excluding professional and ‘built in’ models.

Not compatible with Nespresso Vertuoline/Vertuo, Nescafé Dolce Gusto and Tassimo machines.

Perfect For:
Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo

Carmo de Paranaiba, Brazil

This coffee is produced in the heart of Minas Gerais, Carmo de Paranaiba one of the most renowned coffee regions of Brazil. Every bean produced at fazenda Santa Cecilia is carefully harvested & picked for their sweetness making them the perfect choice for espresso. The Veloso family has been successfully growing coffee for several generations with advanced processing techniques & sustainable agricultural practices.

The climate of the Cerrado region plays a key role in the distinct characteristic of their coffees. The region has two dominant seasons: a rainy summer and a dry winter. Precipitation fluctuates between 800 and 2000 mm and temperatures between 22 and 27 °C.

The gentle topography of the land allows the incorporation of modern agricultural technology like drip irrigation and controlled fertilization.

Altitude: 1030m — 1190m
Production: Sun exposed, agriforest
Process: Natural fermentation, Fully washed, Sundried
Varietals: Mondo Novo, Yellow and Red bourbon, Catuai, Catucai
Harvest: Selective mechanical
Crop period: May to July